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Are Nursing and Maternity Bras the Same?

First of all, congrats to all pregnant ladies and new moms. Being pregnant or becoming a mother is a crucial phase of women’s lives. You may or have experienced drastic changes in your body. Breasts witness enlargement and sensitivity. You may experience hormonal changes a few to mention your chests expands, and your mammary glands are preparing to secrete milk. These changes require making changes in your clothes, undergarments and of course, your lifestyle. Switching to pregnancy clothes or adapting lifestyle to help you is something you do immediately but forget the vital thing about switching to right kind of bra. When you go out to buy a bra or shop it online, you must have come across many latest options for nursing and maternity bras. Many females do have the confusion of what is the difference between regular bras, maternity bras and nursing bras. Not to ponder over the confusion anymore as we would help you understand the primary difference between them.

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Dissimilarities Between Maternity Bras and Nursing Bras

To choose correct and accurate bra during your phase of pregnancy, you need first to understand what is a Maternity bra and Nursing bra. Understanding the concept helps you distinguish between them and develop the sense to see your regular bras are not a good choice during and post pregnancy.

Maternity Bras

If you ever try your first maternity bra, you will notice the difference. These bras are superior to regular bras in comfort and make your breasts better during your pregnancy. They emphasise on giving you support and comfort with wider straps and soft cotton lining. Equipped with many adjustable hooks to adapt to your frequent breasts size variations during your pregnancy phase.

Nursing Bras

As the name suggests meant to help you post pregnancy when you breastfeed your infant. The major difference you witness between Nursing and Maternity bra is that it has panels or clasps to help with feeding your baby easily. You do not have to remove the strap or half of your bra get your baby to breast nipples. The whole concept of a nursing bra is to ease the concept of breastfeeding for new mothers and give them comfort and support they need. The trick on getting a good and an appropriate nursing bra is select one which has good room for your breast size enlargements.

Regular Bras

You do want to continue wearing your wired or regular style bra during your nine months or post-pregnancy, but unfortunately, it’s not right for you. As you are aware, there should not be a feeling of compromising with a bra. Your bra should have comfort, support and usefulness. Well, you can continue with your regular bra after you are done feeding your baby. In your everyday bra, there is no additional support, space or comfort for your delicate busts during your pregnancy and while you breastfeed your baby. They can never adjust to your changing body shape and provide you with relaxation and support your delicate busts.

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The Right Bra for Every Stage in Pregnancy

In general, women wear their regular bras during initial months of their pregnancy but when their body starts experiencing changes with the size they switch to maternity bras to attain support and comfort level. Post their delivery they adopt nursing bras to ease them in breastfeeding. This combination is common with many women around the world. However, some women switch to maternity bras during entire nine months, or some females prefer to change to nursing bra after three months of their pregnancy. Though it all goes how comfortable you are, and what works the best combination for you. You can feed your baby while wearing a maternity bra as they do have some clasps on top of their cups but with emerging technology and researchers, the doctors and experts recommend to adopt advanced nursing bras during your breastfeeding stage. In modern times, you have the right type of bra for every stage of your motherhood journey. All you need to do is choose the most supportive nursing and maternity bras for ultimate comfort throughout the pregnancy.
By now you would be getting ready to shop for these bras. Before you start doing your bra shopping, please understand you must have a proper fit of each of these. To ensure you select proper fitting Maternity bra and Nursing bra we would consider throwing light on some easy shopping tips for you.

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Shopping Tips For Selecting Correct Bra

When you are pregnant, you need to wear a proper maternity bra as it is very vital to support and give relaxing wear to your delicate busts. Similarly, while you are nursing, ensure to wear an appropriate fitting nursing bra. Go your bras which have soft, stretchable, and breathable fabrics. Their cups should have cotton or bamboo fabric lining and support your breasts. Bras elastic should be of superior-quality and should not go harsh on your skin. You choose either of two ways to shop for your maternity and nursing bras. One is to visit a store near you or shop over the Internet. We would tell you some important aspect when you select either one of the options.

Visiting a Near Buy Store – When you decide to go yourself to a nearby boutique, departmental store, or a lingerie showroom make sure it is a reputable brand and they have staff members to assist you. You would require the staff help in selecting the right type of bra that fits you perfectly and easily. The professional and knowledgeable staff helps you understand your correct breasts size and measurements. Do remember to try bra before making the final payments. It would give you an accurate feel of bra and how would it fit on you.

Shopping Over the Internet – Please do remember to shop on online stores, if you know your measurements correctly. Make sure to choose an e-store which has easy return and refund policies. Browse over the catalogue nicely and order a bra which you think would give you comfort more than its physical appearance. Always opt for brands with a good reputation and a vast range of maternity and nursing bras for you.